Monday, February 10, 2020

Cave of Forgotten Dreams Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Cave of Forgotten Dreams - Essay Example The bison, deer, and other animals looked almost like charcoal drawings. Not only animals were depicted, but scenes of animals and hunting. Other images were not as easy to determine. It was like a collage of animal and hunting scenes. All types of images mixed together with some recognizable, while others were not. This could be because of the age, or the rock drawing. The second main point was the security. Instead of an open cave opening, a steel door that is locked has been placed at the opening. The door served another purpose than just keeping people out. This door is to keep the climate the same in the Cave. The archeologist made sure that the cameras, ropes, lights, and people did not touch anything that was not necessary. No one but those authorized by the French government can access this Cave. This film crew had to receive permission first. The security goes high tech in preserving the site. Thin films of sediment are removed to show the cave drawings below. The French gov ernment really wants to preserve this site for future observation. Finally, this film speculated on the people that lived in the cave. What is known can be deduced from the Cave and surrounding areas. Since bones and weapons have been found, the cave dwellers were likely hunters. The reasons for the paintings are less obvious. Some theorize that they are religious or spiritual, others simple records. A comparison with Aborigines in Australia showed that a spirit guided the rock drawings. The humans that lived there adapted to their environment and gave an account. In the film the cave drawings are compared to the capturing of this film on camera. No doubt more research needs to be done on the Cave, but the overall movie was fascinating with possibilities of the past. A footnote was added. A nuclear plant is twenty miles away. Since the water used to cool the reactors is heated up, the environment is changing. The

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